Synkrone & Miguel Toledano – Raw Hour EP

January 29, 2014
Synkrone & Miguel Toledano
Luna Records
Producer: Synkrone & Miguel Toledano
Luna Records UK · Synkrone & Miguel Toledano - Raw Hour EP

Northern England’s Luna Records kicks off 2014 with a three track EP from Parisian artist Synkrone, paired with Madrid’s Miguel Toledano this January, entitled the ‘Raw Hour’ EP.

Luna Records, now onto its seventeenth release has made quite the mark since its launch back in 2009. The imprint has released material from the likes of DJ W!ld, Hector, Dan Drastic and Chris Lattner to name a few, honing in on a raw, organic sound that’s defined the labels output and earned it a highly praised status within the underground DJ circuit. Here the label pushes on with more rugged, low-slung rhythms, this time from Synkrone & Miguel Toledano.

Opening the EP we have ‘From The Stars’, a percussive-led workout fuelled by bumpy drums, rumbling subs and underlying background atmospherics that ease an understated tension into the record as it unfolds over its near seven and a half minute duration. Following is title track ‘Raw Hour’, embracing a similar aesthetic with shuffling, loose beats acting as the driving force, while murmuring vocal snippets and resonant sub-bass tones add a pulsating energy to the dynamism of the cut. Then to close the 12 the duo turn in a ‘Dub Edit’ of

‘From The Stars’, a brilliantly contrasting interpretation on the original which sees fluttering ethereal pads, echoing low-pitched vocal stabs and bubbling sweeps ebb & flow throughout the record in an ever-evolving state.

Sykrone & Miguel Toledano’s ‘Raw Hour’ EP is out on Luna Records 29th January 2014.

DJ Feedback

Markus Liefke (Afrilounge)
‘nice grooves here!!’
Michael James (Monique Musique)
‘Nice! Will give these a go, thanks’
Kenny Glasgow (Art Department)
‘pretty cool’
Ali Shirazinia (Dubfire / Deep Dish)
‘thank you!’
Danny Howells (Dig Deeper)
‘Digging this solid three-tracker .. will test tomorrow!’
Carlos Sosa (DJ Sneak)
Clive Henry (Peace Division / Circo Loco / NRK)
‘raw hour is the it..’
Oliver $
‘great record support!!!’
Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2)
‘Jus Fine is my fave.’
Leo Picking (Voyeur (Madtech))
‘tight rollers’
Pit Waldmann (Gorge (Reclick – 8-Bit))
‘Raw hour for me here, thanks’
Darren House (Diesel / Xpress 2)
‘Full support from X-Press 2 at club and on radio show “House of X-Press 2” on Ministry radio . . .
Pierre Codarin (Leftroom / Saints & Sonnets / Sankeys)
‘Raw Hour is for me thx ‘
Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibe)
‘ALL good…Thanks!!’
Daniel Bortz (Suol)
‘nice release’
Alex Tepper (Drumcode / Saved)
‘Excellent, both tracks are cool for me. Thanks’
Rich Clancy (Clancy (Holographic People))
‘raw hour is nice – rolling beats’
Ryan (Mella Dee)
‘Raw Hour is the favourite for me. ‘
Moliner (Depaart, Gimmick Records)
‘Liking the groove on the Dub Edit! Ace!’
Ray Okpara (Oslo)
‘cool EP!!! thx RR°’
Marco / Stefano (UGLH / Caramella)
‘Love this release thanks’
Manooz (Alive / Extended Play / Seven Music)
‘From The Stars is pumping lovley, dope drums and bass. Good stuff!’
Death on The Balcony (Akbal Music / Various)
‘Nice Grooves here.. will try for sure!’
Frederic, Christian Möring-Sack, De Jonquieres (Piemont, Suchtreflex, My Best Friend, Plumbum)
‘From the Stars is niceee’
Chris Gruber (Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit))
‘nice release… all these tracks are nice! thanks’
Kellerkind (Noir / Stil Vor Talent)
‘dub edit for me, thanks’
Zoo Look (Dirt Crew / Kolour / Morris Audio)
‘nice release thanks’
Balcazar & Sordo (No.19 Music / Dirt Crew / Noir)
‘Thanks for the music….Downloading.’
James What (James What, Crosstown Rebels, Murmur, Dessous)
‘liking raw hour and the dub edit! cheers’
Julien Veniel (D’Julz / Pokerflat)
‘lovely groove and vibe’
Amos (Waifs & Strays)
‘Really liking Raw Hour – really nice groove on this!’
Dj W!ld (Rekids / Circo Loco (DC10 Ibiza))
‘from the strairs dub for me’
Frank Cochois (The Timewriter)
‘Raw Hour is excellent.Full support.Thanks’
Beto (Betoko)
Terence . ((:terry:) Freak N Chic)
‘cool ep ‘
Hugo (2020 Vision / Claque Musique / Mobilee / Tuning Spork)
Mladen Solomun (Diynamic)
‘Hello, i am downloading and pre checking all promos for Solomun. I will give you a personal feedback if he plays and supports this release. Thanks a lot and have a great day.’
Chris Carrier
‘cool stuff’
Enzo Siragusa (Fuse / Circo Loco)
‘Cool EP’
Joyce Muniz (2020 Vision / Exploited / Snatch!)
‘nice !’
Javier Carballo (La Vie en Rose, One Records)
‘nice tracks !! thanks’
Samuel Thalmann (Okain (Tsuba/ B-Pitch/Je’Taime))
‘great beatz I ll play them all big thx’
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