DZeta N’ Basile – The Others EP

October 31, 2012
DZeta N' Basile
Luna Records
Producer: DZeta N' Basile
Luna Records UK · DZeta N' Basile 'The Others EP'

Northern England based Luna Records return in late October with Dzeta N’ Basile’s ‘The Other’ EP, comprising three original cuts from the Italian-born, London-based producers.

Dzeta N’ Basile have been making waves in the deep-house movement over the past few years with releases for reputable imprints such as 1trax, Akbal, Tsuba, Moodmusic and Lower East, so its no surprise to see them here joining the likes of DJ W!ld, Kevin Griffiths, Chris Lattner and So Inagawa on the Luna roster.

The release opens with ‘Dance It’, a house-infused hypnotic groove built around a sturdy beat, consisting of a raw crunchy clap, off beat hats and varying tom tones. Sleekly delayed synth shots meander around the rock-solid drum groove adding an organic flow, while sampled and manipulated vocals are introduced as a percussive element throughout. Warbling, resonant bass tones creep into the latter stages sporadically, adding a rolling movement to the bottom end. Simplicity is key here but tastefully executed, as you’d expect from these two.

‘Just Do It Right’ follows, opening with a filtered drum hook and a murmuring vocal the track slowly blossoms before a weighty kick is introduced and vacillates alongside a tom-driven Chicago style bumpy bass-line. The hooky nature of the track is drawn out for just over seven and a half minutes, with subtle filter sweeps and retractions in elements fuelling the dynamic movement. Title track ‘The Others’ closes the release, applying a more electronic notion in comparison to the organic subsequent tracks. Saw wave tones bounce around the stripped drum groove while rich sound textures such as a high string, frenetic piano chords and tonal hits create the melancholic overtones, once again Dzeta N’ Basile have created something full of driving energy and oozing class and warmth.

Dzeta N’ Basile’s ‘The Other’ EP is out on Luna Records 31st October 2012.

DJ Feedback

User Affiliations Reaction
Alexis Raphael Hot Creations / Lower East full support as always. great stuff
Gwen Maze Supernature Dzeta N%u2019 Basile ready for the club as always! thx
Nico / Kaled Cosmic Cowboys (MGF / Traum / Resopal / Katchuli) Great!
MANIK M A N I K (Ovum/Fresh Meat/) Some good songs in the bunch. Ill give it a shot for sure.
Lauhaus Lanting Polder / Intacto dance it is dope. thanx!
Fabio Gianelli Fabio Gianelli, Adult Only, Supernature nice stuff, support!
Kev O’Brien (Stranjjur/ Fresh Meat / Save Room) nice warmup groove on The Others.. will test
Amos Waifs & Strays nice EP – thanks!
Boris Horel La Vie EN Rose the others for me, thanks !
Rich Nxt DLate Dance it for me 🙂
Manuel de Lorenzi Dirty Boots, (Immigrant, 8bit) Really cool EP. Just Do It Right is my fav here, thanks.
Darren Rock Rocky / Xpress 2 Like these a lot. dance It my fave. D&B making good stuff right now.
Benjamin Rau Fuse Good stuff as usual from Luna “just do it right “is the one for me
Julien Sandre Morris Audio Dzeta N’Basile are super artist and I ever love their music. really like also this ep
Seb Zito Fuse (London) the others is my fave, nice ep.
David Labeij 100% Pure coooool ep! will play!
Jef K Crack & Speed yeaah dance it is really nice will play ! cheers
Chris Carrier nice tracks
Dusky Dogmatik / Anjunadeep Like “The Others”, ta
Alex Flitsch Connaisseur Recordings the others is nice…
Pit Waldmann Gorge (Reclick – 8-Bit) nice ep, thanks
Roman Fritz Plasmik really into it!
Mihai Popoviciu Highgrade, Fear Of Flying, Hudd Traxx “just do it right” is the right one for me! will try!
James Johnston No Matter What Lovely deep vibes! Really feeling Dance It and The Others…NICE!!
Claire  Ripley Dessous / Phobic Really like The Others in particular, support as always boys
Alex Piccini Area Remote just do it right for me ! thx
Hanfry Martinez love all tracks !!!!! nice work !! thankssss !!!
Chris  Gruber Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit, nice deep tracks again on Luna! Will play the others!
Jorge Savoretti Esperanza cool tracks! i’m a fan of luna
Carsten Rausch Agora Audio / Acker The Others is a very cool track. Luv it. Thanx.
John Dimas Bass Culture / One Records Dance it is my pick ! thnx
Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe Cool groover, all works..
Halo Varga Dance It its the one
Kevin Griffiths Tsuba / Issst! tasty 3 tracker here 🙂
kostas tassopoulos Ekkohaus (2020 vision, morris audio, cargo edition, liebe detail) Dance it is nice, thanx…Ekko

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