Dubbed Out EP Vol 1

November 1, 2014
Alexkid, Rogelio, James Hutchison
Luna Records
Producer: Alexkid, Rogelio, James Hutchison
Luna Records UK · Dubbed Out EP Vol 1

This October will see the return of England’s Luna Records with the ‘Dubbed Out’ EP, a three- track package featuring material from Alexkid, Rogelio and James Hutchison.

The Luna Records imprint was launched in 2009 out of Northern England, and over it’s five years has consistently released striking material, welcoming the likes of Chris Lattner, DJ W!ld, So Inagawa and Matthias Tanzamann onto the imprint. The label’s focus has been split between all original material from exciting new acts, as well as established producers alike, here we see the label push on with three new additions to the roster, welcoming Ovum / Rekids artist Alexkid, and two up and comers, namely Rogelio and James Hutchison.

Opening the release is Alexkid’s ‘Syndicate Dub’, seeing the Parisian artist offer up a bumpy low-slung cut fuelled by crunchy stripped-back drums and penetrating sub hits, laid out over six minutes with subtle nuances to the groove hidden in the depths of the composition.

Following is Rogelio’s ‘Mutombo’, picking up the energy levels slightly with mind-bending synth textures, rumbling low-end tones and murmuring vocal licks, while the jangling percussive sounds and weighty kicks keen things evolving over throughout.

James Hutchison then rounds off the package with ‘Soiree’, tipping the focus over towards organic rhythmic elements to lay the foundations, whilst menacing dub stabs and sweeping atmposherics smoothly unfold as the record progresses.

Luna returns with yet another brilliant club focused EP here, the ‘Dubbed Out’ Various Artists release is out on Luna Records 29th October 2014.

DJ Feedback

wAFF (Hot Creations)
‘Wicked cheers for these. wAFF x’
Lauhaus Lanting (Polder / Intacto)
‘alexkid is dope as ever. thanx!’
Hugo (2020 Vision / Claque Musique / Mobilee / Tuning Spork)
Florian Meindl
‘the syndicate dub is cool’
Joris Voorn
‘Alexkid never disappoints!!’
David Labeij (100% Pure)
‘Alexkid’s track is faaaaattttnesss!’
David Pher (VIVa / Tsuba)
‘Support ! Like all tracks. Thank u. ‘
Gwen Maze (Supernature)
‘SOiree for thx !!’
Denney (Back To Basics)
‘Nice to see this label back, feeling the Alexkid and James Hutchinson tracks. Thanks!’
Brett Jacobs (Act Natural / Luna Records)
‘Nice this…..Support! ‘
Colin McBean (Mr G)
‘good package feelin Rogelio’
Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area / Bla Bla)
‘Mutombo and soiree are both lovely hard to pick a fav here’
Patrick Zigon (Puzzle Trax / Highgrade / Sounderground)
‘great ep!’
Nils Lausund (Nils Noa / Lot49)
‘Alexkid – Syndicate Dub 4 me :)’
Chris Carrier
‘Alexkid Track Thanks’
The Junkies (Rawthentic / Suara)
‘Syndicate Dub & Mutombo are doin it for us. Thanks!’
Chris Gruber (Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit))
‘Such a groove monster… Syndicate Dub! I like a lot! thanks…’
Alessandro Russo (Slok (Saw / Get Physical))
‘Fat Grooves, thanks a lot! SLOK ( www.slok.it )’
Dave Pezzner (Pezzner)
‘Simple and effective. Nice work.’
Mario Aureo (Ritter Butzke Studio, OFF, Bondage Music)
‘Alexkid never disappoints me! Great tool!’
Alland Byallo (Bad Animal, Real Tone, Poker Flat)
‘Alex’s cut is so tight and so slick. Really like Rogelio’s too. ‘
Ray Okpara (Oslo)
Grzegorz Demianczuk (CATZ’N DOGZ (Dirtybird/Get Physical))
‘alexkid always makes perfect grooves!’
Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music)
‘Track 2 is pretty cool, thanks.’
Claire Ripley (Dessous / Phobic)
‘I like Mutombo most’
Jamie Odell (Jimpster (Freerange))
‘Lovely drum tool from Alexkid here. he’s got da bounce!’
Marco / Stefano (UGLH / Caramella)
‘Nice ep thx’
Boris Horel (La Vie EN Rose)
‘always a big fan of Alexkid vibe . full support ! thanks’
Hanfry Martinez (One Records, Esperanza, La Vie En Rose, Lowpitch)
‘my Fav Rogelio ! nice hpynotic track ! full support ! ‘
Carlo Lio (Rawthentic Music)
‘alexkid for me’
Nils Nürnberg (8-Bit / Dynamic / Bloop)
‘Cool track from Alexkid. THX’
Chaim Avital (Cocoon / B-Pitch)
‘support thx ‘
Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room / Balance)
‘great work’
Davide & Claudio Dzeta & Basile (1Trax/Plastic City/Real tone)
‘3 strong cutz, love them all!’
Leon (VIVa / Various)
‘love alex kid ‘
Nektarios Danias (Nekes (Oslo))
‘Great Ep !!! ‘
Dj W!ld (Rekids / Circo Loco (DC10 Ibiza))
‘Alexkid – Syndicate Dub for me thanks’
Andrew Grant (EDEC)
‘nice groove!!! 5/5’
Samuel Thalmann (Okain (Tsuba/ B-Pitch/Je’Taime))
‘Soirée is the jam here. thanks!’
Kellerkind (Noir / Stil Vor Talent)
‘cool ep, will try out’
Manooz (Alive / Extended Play / Seven Music)
‘yes, this ep is dope! strong beats here!’
Chase Buch (East End Dubs / Great Stuff / Kling Klong /Monique Musique)
‘Alexkid’s track is very nice.’
Eddie Richards (Evil Eddie Richards)
John Dimas (Bass Culture / One Records)
‘Alex’s track from me , thx’
Rachel Lyn (Air London / Terminal M / House Republic)
‘Hey I like Alexkid – Syndicate Dub for my sets. Thanks, Rachel lyn ‘
Julien Sandre (Morris Audio)
‘Nice music’
Alex Tepper (Drumcode / Saved)
‘Solid groovers here, like all three. thanks!’


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