DJ Wild – Lick It EP

November 14, 2011
DJ W!ld
Luna Records
Producer: DJ W!ld
Luna Records UK · DJ W!ld 'Lick It EP'

The North East of England meets Paris with the latest release from Middlesbroughʼs Luna Records – the superb ʻLick Itʼ EP from Dijon-born DJ W!ld.

With Luna having amassed impressive support for itʼs moody, bass heavy house sound since itʼs inception a few years back, the concept of a DJ W!ld release for the young label is an enticing one. Known for tight grooves that seem to sweat the essence of early house music, either solo or as Catwash with Chris Carrier, DJ W!ld is the perfect artist for Luna Records.

Delivered to Luna as yet another impressive Circo Loco residency drew to a close in October, the ʻLick Itʼ EP is 4 tracks of effortlessly raw, bumping house music.

ʻLick itʼ, ʻSan Joseʼ, ʻLes Abeilles Cariocaʼ and final track ʻIsla Bellaʼ all share the same crunchy, slightly lo-fi characteristics but musically the tracks skip from the stripped/powerful to the emotive. Another ever present factor across ʻLick itʼ is the undoubtable funk that DJ W!ld imbues into his productions.

Luna Records is the sort of label that makes it easy to buy every release blind and the ʻLick itʼ EP will not affect that reputation one bit. DJ W!ldʼs ʻLick Itʼ EP is released on vinyl mid-November on Luna Records, with a digital release to
follow four weeks later.

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