Chris Lattner – Memory EP Inc Justin Drake & Bearweasel Remixes

December 1, 2009
Chris Lattner
Luna Records
Producer: Chris Lattner
Luna Records UK · Chris Lattner ‘Memory’ Inc. Justin Drake and Bearweasel Remixes

Luna Records is a new UK based label from respected club promoter/DJ/Producer Paul Bowen, the man behind Middlesbrough’s infamous ‘Riff Raff’ events. The label is set to release music from some pretty well established artists with an emphasis on stripped back chunky house music and in that vein the debut single sees the much hailed German producer Chris Lattner step up get the imprint firing in the right direction.

Lattner has been DJ’ing for the best part of two decades, initially gracing the decks at Hannover techno parties before word of his talent spread, seeing him strike out to play across Germany. He has hosted a radio show for Australia’s Pulse Radio, worked as a booking agent for LessIzMore and has had releases on labels such as Einmaleins Musik and WBA. His passion for electronic music has shone through in everything he has done and led him to produce some great records, to which can now be added the Luna debut ‘Memory’.

This single release kicks off with Lattner’s original of ‘Memory’, a solid tech driven slice of house with heavily effected vocal samples and a simple floor shaking groove. This is understated underground house music at its best, deep chunky and highly effective.

First of the two remixes comes from ex-Peace Division man Justin Drake, who builds on the vibe of the original, thickening out the drums and layering some heavy filters over the synth stabs to great effect. A straightforward and highly effective arrangement provides everything that is needed in this excellent reworking.

Finally we have a remix from Bearweasel, who have been providing choice cuts in house music over the last year via labels such as Tsuba, Supernature, Bloop and Murmur. For their ‘Lazy dub’ they take things back to basics and turn in a slab of deep and dubby house with an emphasis on razor sharp percussion and earth moving bass.

This is a superb debut from a label that is sure to become a major fixture in 2010.
Chris Lattner’s ‘Memory’ is released on Luna Records in December 2009.

DJ Feedback

Alex Flatner Circle Music
The Bearweasel Remix is the one for me…kind of jackin and still groovin but not loosing the vibe from the original..nice work ! will play a

Rozzo / Peter Dildo
all three tracks very cool indeed!

Tristan Da Cunha 20:20 / Back To Basics
Original is hot on this as is the on form Bearweasel mix. Will Play.

Arno Einzelkind
Bearweasel mix !! will play !

you got my feedback

Jonny White
wow, hot one! strong first release…all mixes are solid, Justin’s is FIRE. full support

Alex Storrer Lexx / Kawabata (Drumpoet Community)
The Justin Drake my is my fave.

Alex Jones Hypercolour / Turbo / Viva
All very decent!

Raphaël Gros Ripperton / Lazy Fat People
Bearweasel & Drake remixes are equally lovely, will play it out! Ripperton

Lee  Curtiss
The Bearweasel Dub is really nice! Good stuff.

Geir Aspenes G-Ha (Sunkissed)
Nice and deep tracks, not really my thing, but i prefer the original. Thank you!

Enzo Siragusa Fuse / Circo Loco
Liking the Chris Lattner and Bearweasel mix. Nice warm up tunes, will both get played at Fuse.

Chris Carrier
Great ep

Ed Davenport Liebe*Detail
another dope package. bearweasel dub all the way for me – always a fan. boys boys its a treat!!

So Inagawa
i think it must be great sales! nice tunes.

Michel Cleis Cadenza l
i like memory!

DJ :Terry: . DJ :Terry: / Freak N Chic
like the bearweasel one 

Jamie Jones
Likin the Justin Drake remix.. niiiice..

Julien Veniel D’Julz / Pokerflat
all mixes are dope , full support

Alex Niggemann 8-bit/ Supernature/ 2020 Vision
Great package! Support!

Pete Heller Junior/Phela
Actually, really like the original here.

Sebastian kahrs Sebo K nice remixes!
will play for sure!

Matthew Styles-Harris Crosstown Rebels
Cool thanks, am playing justins mix

Stephen Hitchell Echospace
Get that old Gadgets vibe back again but with a San Fran Deep House flare. Favorite mix here is the Justin Drake mix, nice balance of old school synth progressions, I could see Derrick Carter or Mark Farina beating this at 5 AM! 

Stuart Geddes Mulletover / Rekleiner
great mixes but would of been nice to break up the style a little, not much to choose from here.

Patrice Baumel Get Physical / Trapez
i’m missing the special ingredient here…

Dave Ellesmere Microfunk / Intacto / 100% Pure / Remote Area
nice original and phat rmx’s …good rolling basslines and tight solid grooves throughout. thumbs up

Lee Jones / Playhouse / Simple / Just
i quite fancy the justin drake mix. bearweasel’s mix is rather hot as well. big up the Staines massive.

Alex Douat Alex Dee (Jetaime)
Beraweasel remix was the pick for me. will def play that cut!

Pit Waldmann Gorge (Reclick – 8-Bit)
already supporting this release! Good one

Nick Harris NRK
Lovin this, Original mix is nice and chunky, warehouse vibes… Drakeys mix is dark n swinging, but it’s Bearweasel mix that is doing it for me, really good hypnotic stuff, great first release guys!

Chi-Thien Nguyen BAALSAAL
all 3 mixes are great! nice work by justin also.. 

Jay Tripwire
Bearweasel lazy dub for me sir..the original doesnt do it for me,and justins mix is good but not really my bag to dj.

Emerson  DJ Emerson / freak waves / micro.fon /
all tracks support!

Rick Grant Sick Rick/Fabric/Beats
something good to say about all the mixes here – which is particularly impressive given the original isn’t exactly teeming with elements in the first place. love the drums on mr lattner’s version and the synth chops on the bearweasel mix but drakey’s version has to take the cake – a real belting slowburner of a rework, so it is. look forward to hearing plenty more from luna

Emerson Todd Dirty Bird
i like the org the most here 

Dave Mothersole MOS Radio
like the bearweaseldub best of first listen. 

Christopher Spero Glimpse N
ice stuff thanks. Bearweasel does it again for me thanks X

Catel Jean Claude Varoslav Varoslav (Supplement Facts)
nice rmxs!

Chris Duckenfield Swag

Alex Bernard Seuil (Freak N Chic / Moon Harbour / Various)
nice ep.. my favorite is the bearweasel rmx..

Alex Flitsch Connaisseur Recordings
Justin Drake is the winner for me on this release…

Holgar Behn H.O.S.H / Diynamic / Kindisch
justins and bearweasel remix for me! cooooool 🙂

Laurent Garnier
Great mix by Justin Drake . Will play that 

Evil Eddie Richards
like the justin drake mix

Alex Tepper Drumcode / Viva / Futureshock
Great release. Cant choose a fav mix here. All in the box. Thanks.

Dave Martin Technique / Immigrant
Good to hear BW jackin it up! nice to hear Justin’s mix too – thanks DxM

Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe
Original mix is choice – love that bass!!

Osunlade  Yoruba
quite similar to whats happening all around now but different enough to find a place for it in my sets…

Tom Craven Back to Front
Not massively in to the original. The Bearweasel dub is wicked, nice low-slung grooves. Does what says on the tin! The justin drake remix is good too. Nice late night haunting track. Overall solid first release.

Boris  Agnes / Ray Valioso (Perspectiv / Sthlm Audio)
This is FAT !

Alland Byallo Liebe Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, [KONTRO
The remixes are superb! I can’t wait to play them!

Nils Lausund Nils Noa / Lot49
Bearweasel mix for me 🙂

Jim Rivers Simple / Misfit records
all about the bearweasel here for me

Eli / Charles  Soul Clap (Wolf & Lamb)
all about the drake mix on some deep trippyness. cant wait to see what this does to people.

Tom Budden Proton Radio
Yes all over the original & bearweasel duo on top form 🙂 thanks

Andrew Grant Circo Loco
Lazt Dub…will play for sure

Helmut Geier DJ Hell / Gigolo
justin drake rmx is good !

Tom  Szirtes Shur-I-Kan
could get into this, nice moody grooves here

Chloe Thevenin DJ Chloe / Kill The DJ
the justin drake rmx is nice

Alex Arnout Dogmatik
Quality release, the Bearweasel remix edges it for me tho. Full support

Steve Lawler VIVa Music
will download and pass

Marcus Brambach Marquese (Le Pena / Niveous)
nice EP. Original is cool. Like the deep Justin Drake mix most

Lauhaus Lanting Polder / Intacto
nice oldschool bearweasel dub. will play.

Dubfire / Deep Dish
Downloaded – Thanks

Andy Graham Sei A / Droido
All tracks are great, Justin Drake would be my fav though. Thanks A

Nice mixes!

Samuel Thalmann
Okain (Tsuba/ B-Pitch/Je’Taime)
Lazzzy dub for me thx

Kiki . B-Pitch great! 
all the mixes are good, but bearweasel wins for me with those rainsounds creating a great atmosphere!

Colin McBean Mr G
justin’s on fire hear ….really sleaky house love the melody……………feelin this

Christian Sol VIVa / Troll
Bearweasel for me. thx

Matthew Krysko Warehouse Project
Quality deepness from Nitin on the Wasted Time rmx, excellent hypnotic groove.

Marco  Luna City Express
really like the justin drake and bearweasel interpretations.

kostas tassopoulos Ekkohaus (2020 vision, morris audio, cargo edition, liebe detail)
Great shuffler this one…..Nice work by Chris Lattner and brilliant direction from the remixers….Thanx, Ekko….

Mark Henning Found Sounds / Trapez / Mos Ferry
Justin Drake remix is dope 🙂

Kevin Griffiths Tsuba / Issst
nice debut release! should do well

Kris Wadsworth Morris Audio / Hypercolour
yeah this shits real cool. support.

Barry Christie Milton Jackson
Love the airy old-school vibe and rhythm displacement on the Justin Drake remix. Bearweasel remix also great.

Claire  Ripley Dessous / Phobic
What an EP to start a new label with! Love all three.

Ashley Beedle Xpress 2 / Skint
Sorry. Mixes didnt grab me.

Dj Wild  Catwash / Adult Only / Motivbank
Bearweasel Lazy Dub COOL BEATS and good remix

Danny Ward Dubble D / Moodymanc
nice ruff stuff….justin drake was the one that immediately grabs….bearweasel nice too…

Liron  Kabale Und Liebe
cool bearweasel dub. support!

Nils Nürnberg 8-Bit / Dynamic / Bloop
Bearweasel Lazy Dub is the one! Quality stuff as usual! Can’t wait to check this out… Cheerz*

Dorian Paic Raum Musik
not for me this time ! cheers Dorian.

Chris  Gruber Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit)
Chris has a run, I love his productions! Lovely track for the morning!! Played the track and it was awsome…

Alistair Wells Perc / Kompakt / Perc Trax
Great release. Good luck with it lads. All mixes strong but Original or BW Dub will get the spins from me. Cheers.

Nic Fanciulli
Will play for sure !

Daniel Faulwasser Dan Drastic / Moon Harbour
sounds like a really odd threesome..

BLM  Fear Of Flying
Been playing this for time now. Nice one 🙂

Daniel Sanchez Remote Area / Bla Bla
Super Ep, All 3 tracks are winners!! full Support

Florian Kruse NRK/Hynotone/Various
I’m into the original mix! love the shuffle in the groove! Nice one!

Jozif Goodwin Fondation / Hypercolour nice & useful..
as per, Bearweasel is the one for me

Brendon Moeller Beatpharmacy / Wave / Varioues
loving the whole package! dope house bizniz!

————- END

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