Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meiner – Preserve the light EP Inc ROZZO Remix

June 1, 2013
Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meiner
Luna Records
Producer: Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meiner
Luna Records UK · Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meiner "Preserve the light EP" Inc; ROZZO Remix / Out July 4th

Middlesbrough’s Luna Records prepare for the summer with the ‘Preserve The Light’ EP, a collaborative release from Luna artist Brett Jacobs and Kabuto & Koji man Patrice Meiner that also features a rare remix outing from Mountain People’s Rozzo.

True to Luna Records form, this EP from East Londoner, Jacobs, and Berlin resident Costa Rican, Meiner, is all about subtle, trippy grooves. The original of ‘Preserve The Light’ is a dubbed out, low slung and powerfully bass-driven slice of house that wraps itself around a drawn out vocal sample.

Jacobs goes it alone for the second cut on ‘Preserve The Light’, the measured modern houser ‘El Hadu’. Deep, textured and punctuated with a tapestry of strange, out of place sounds it’s a textbook exercise in moody, hypnotic writing. Rozzo delivers the remix of the title track and does so in his inimitable, heavily shuffled house style. Pacey yet slow burning, it’s yet another piece of fine work from the Swiss producer.

‘Miles Apart’, another solo cut from Jacobs, closes the EP and provides a suitably meaty parting shot that blends old school vox hits with punchy contemporary house vibes.

Another winner for Luna Records, Brett Jacobs & Patrice Meiner ‘Preserve The Light’ EP is released 13th June in digital and vinyl formats.

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Terence . (:terry:) Freak N Chic Wicked release
Damian Lazarus Listening Now. Thanks x
Halo Varga few nice gems on this ep will play
Richy Ahmed Hot Creations Rozzo mix for me
Barry Christie Milton Jackson great to hea some stuff from rozzo original preerve the light is awesome as well, nice drum programming
Tristan Da Cunha 20:20 / Back To Basics Rozzo mix is doing it for me … thanks
Amos Waifs & Strays wil try thanks
Julien Veniel D’Julz / Pokerflat i’ll never get tired of rozzo ‘s groove
Ralph Lawson 20:20 Vision / Back 2 Basics / 20:20 Soundsystem cool
Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe Good ep, will play!
Audiofly Supernature / Get Physical Super Tight EP for the Heads
Clive Henry Peace Division / Circo Loco / NRK miles apart is the one..
Tini Desolat thanks 🙂 support 🙂
Citizen Madtech / Madhouse / Love Fever Rozzo Rmx is heavy
Mosca Inspired move getting Mr Rozzo on the remix! El Hadu also doing it for me thanks
Brett Johnson Classic Preserve the light orig for me!
sebastian kahrs Sebo K preserve the light original & rozzo remix for me ! nice one !
Carlos Sosa DJ Sneak all over this release. good stuff
Darren Rock Rocky / Xpress 2 All a bit just ok, sorry
Raresh Arpiar rozzo remix for me . thanks a lot
Norman Webber Luna City Express, Hudd Traxx, Fresh Meat nice ep” will play rozzos mix! thanks;-)
Darren House Diesel / Xpress 2 Great ep. PTL orig mix & Rozzo remix are the standouts.
Moodtrap Tsuba Deep and underground, lovin them all
MANDY Get Physical will download. thank you for good music!
Severino Panzetta Horse Meat Disco Preserve the light is my fav
Matthew Benjamin Layo & Bushwacka! nice tracks
Molly Rex Club Rozzo Remix is for me . Very good one . Thank you
Anthony Collins Freak n Chic / Various rozzo remix is super good
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