Brett Jacobs – Beat Parade

September 1, 2012
Brett Jacobs
Luna Records
Producer: Brett Jacobs
Luna Records UK · Brett Jacobs - Beat Parade EP

Luna Records return this September with Brett Jacobs ‘Beat Parade’ EP, comprising three original cuts from the London born producer.

A prominent name on the London DJ circuit and musically educated at London’s Islington Music Workshop, Jacobs is steadily building a reputable coterie of followers with the likes of Tini, Chris Lattner and Enzo Siragusa catching on to his deep, dub house sound.

Luna Records has seen in releases from So Inagawa, Hector, Dan Drastic and Santorini, all encompassing a recurring theme of deep and raw house sounds, here Jacobs’ ‘Beat Parade‘ EP slots graciously in amongst the back catalogue.

‘Longitude’ opens the release, driven by its infectious creeping bass-line and short sharp percussive hits the track takes on a hooky form full of deft intricacies. Steadily building to a breaking point the track comes into fruition as the arrangement drops, a classic hi-string is introduced alongside a raw synth chord perfectly slotted into the groove to make this a deep house heavy hitter. Title track ‘Beat Parade’ follows, employing sparse tonal hits as its atmospheric building blocks creating an airy, ethereal vibe.

Tight-knit punchy drum programming provides the backbone, while a subtle sub-bass line adds a hefty roll to the cut while various vocal licks and filtered electronic blips shuffle around the groove adding to the movement. To close the package we have, ‘Bajar’, enveloping stripped back percussion and refined automation touches, the track maintains a smoothly flowing dynamic while delicate filter sweeps and reverb tails meander around the shuffling shakers and crisp claps. A retro blues style vocal is introduced adding a Chicago flavouring to the composition while the low-end tonal bass hits create a bumping motion sure to keep heads nodding. Brett Jacobs ‘Beat Parade’ EP is out on Luna Records 1st September 2012.

DJ Feedback

User Affiliations Reaction
Richard Rotfuss Liapin / Afrilounge will play Longitude!
Hector Murillo Tsuba / Mobilee Bomb full support Brett is the man !!
Manuel de Lorenzi Dirty Boots, (Immigrant, 8bit) another luna’s massive release. all the trax are cool for me. thanx
Ambivalent Deeper. I can get into it for certain moments definitely.
Ante Perry Systematic Nice deep house in here. Beat Parade wins!
Joel Alter Bass Culture / Kontra I like Longitude! Nice bass. =)
Pawas Fear of Flying / Sudden Drop Bajar is for me !!! thanks pawas
Claire  Ripley Dessous / Phobic I like Bajar thank you
Seb Zito Fuse (London) Been playing these for some time, great ep.
Daniel Sanchez Remote Area / Bla Bla all 3 tracks are nice here, many thanx
Chris  Gruber Gruber & Nurnberg (8-Bit, Nice minimal house groovers! I like a lot and will play for sure!! Whole EP is ace!!! thanks…
Alex  Kaddour various Solid Ep.Will play them. Support!Thxx for the music.
Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe Nice grooves, will play!
Alex Piccini Area Remote Great Release!! will Play for sure!!
James What James What, Crosstown Rebels, Murmur, Dessous liking longitude! groove!
Enzo Siragusa Fuse / Circo Loco Wicked EP, been playing all these tracks for a while!
Mirco Violi Bloop/Hypercolour/Various bajar for me
John Dimas Bass Culture / One Records Nice deep tunes , perfect beats !!
Daniel Faulwasser Dan Drastic / Moon Harbour Longtitude is cool track.
Anthony Collins Freak n Chic / Various very nice grooves
kostas tassopoulos Ekkohaus (2020 vision, morris audio, cargo edition, liebe detail) Longitude is nice for early moody warmup, thanx…Ekko
Doomwork Nice!
Marco / Stefano UGLH / Caramella COol music thanks
Tini Desolat thanks 🙂
Sam Russo Leftroom Beat Parade will be in my bag for sure… nice E.P thanks
Jonny Cade Leftroom/Black Key/Tenth Circle cool deep ep.
Chris Lattner playing these tracks for a while…love them!

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